Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whatchya workin' On?

Sorry for the hiatus.  Life - what can I say!

Somewhere out there I saw on a blog that person would take a picture of their desk once a week to show you what they were working on (or how messy their desk was).  I wanted to try to do this today, but the mess is beyond photo worthy.  Unfortunately the mess is not just mine as I share space.  There is also the problem of really bad lighting.  So I thought I'd show you what I am working on, in the form of finished shots.  When I sit down to craft - with the idea of my craft sales, I like to make multiples at the same time.  Right now I'm working on Stationary boxes.  I have several done.  I learned how to make the boxes at my local scrapbooking store.  I used the measurements from the class I took, but designed the cards and tags myself.  Here's just a sample.

Here's what they look like all put together.

Here's the Inside.
Each one has six large greeting cards with envelopes, four folded gift tags, four flat tags, a little address book and stamp holder.  Here's a sample of my Christmas version.

Replace butterflies with snowmen and voila!
All the stamps used are Hero Arts, as they are a favorite of mine. 

Once I find a better place to take some pictures I'll post some more detailed shots!  Happy Wednesday!