Friday, February 17, 2012

Look out etsy.... here I come

I finally can cross something of my To Do List.  I started an etsy store!!!  It's still in the beginning stages and a little rough..... but it's there.  So from now if you see something you like, you can head over to, and get one for yourself!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Quick Scrapbook

I am a stamper, and I love paper crafts.  But try as I might I couldn't get into scrapbooking.  I bought a beautiful album and spent hours finding just the right embellishments to make a scrapbook to commemorate our trip to Mexico, (four years ago).  This past summer I sold the scrapbook at a garage sale.  I think my problem is that it takes so long to finish a project.  The thought of trying to "scrap" our 200 photos was a bit too much...... give me a card any day!  On the other hand I have a major dislike for what digital cameras have done to the world of pictures.  No one has albums anymore.  Everyone just hands you their phone, or camera to look at.  Now as a recently relocated Aunty, this is incredibly frustrating.  The last picture I got of my nephew he was less than a year - (he is now five) and I've never gotten one of my three year old niece.  I found a way to help out (for my non crafty friends).  A pre made scrapbook.  It doesn't take me forever to put together, and for my friends, it's a matter of peel and stick, (after finally printing some of their photos). The first is a picture of the personalized cover.  And the second is a sample of the inside.  There is a page for each letter of the alphabet.  There's a little poem in the bottom corner that gives a theme to each page.

Thanks for stopping by!

Here is the personalized cover.

Here is an example of the inside. There is a page for each letter of the alphabet.  there is also a little poem to give each page a theme.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Everyone Needs and angel

Just a quick post today, as I quickly stop at a wireless cafe on my way home.  This was something I found before Christmas and have to say they are incredibly sweet.  I didn't realize how well they'd go over until I showed them to my mom and her friends (my biggest customers.....)  Here they are.  These are also the start of my own photography...... nough said!

Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Use my Mother's tools..... my way.

So growing up I was never considered very domestic.  I didn't enjoy being anywhere near the kitchen.....and had very little interest in my mom's crafting hobby.  Of course being older - and on my own for the last decade has forced somethings to change.  I can no longer stay out of the kitchen, and have found that I really enjoy certain aspects of cooking and baking.  No one was more surprised then me when my best friend got me a sewing machine for Christmas four years ago.  Unfortunately it didn't work out the way she had thought.  I have taken it out of the box, and used it twice (?)  and both times I sewed on cards.  The newest craze.  Crocheting.  But this girl isn't making dollies or afghans, I'm making jewelery.  I love making these!  I can do them anywhere, in the car or sitting on the couch watching T.V.  Which could be why, by the time I started going through my stock for craft fairs this year I realized I had about 40 of these made, and very few of anything else.  These are just a couple of examples.

Thanks to Miss Shelby for the beautiful pictures.  You can see more of her work at Shelbs Shoes.  Oh and just a warning, I'll be taking the rest of my photos, so they will not be this good, at least not until I figure out a way to convince Shelby to move out here!! 

Thanks for looking!